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Phoenix was once called – A city of gardens and trees. As Phoenix experienced an explosion of growth after World War II, much of the city was transformed into subdivisions, retail stores, and employment opportunities.

Phoenix’s street network, like many other western cities was built on a grid. This grid system has had the greatest effect on how the city has taken shape since the original town in 1870. Phoenix’s one mile grid pattern has not only helped Phoenix’s urban form take shape, but has been the primary avenue for resident transportation. The grid connects residents and visitors to Phoenix and all of its neighborhoods, businesses, parks, and other destinations.


Issue: Through various conversations with NAC staff there is a clear need to connect their facilities to the City’s transportation and connectivity services. Several of their serviced population move through the city from facility to facility to participate in different activities.

Position: Phoenix’s ultimate goal is to connect the residents to education, training facilities, jobs, services, housing, arts and culture, history all throughout the various transportation systems.


MANIFESTATION/ DESIGN PROPOSAL CONCEPT: Wayfinding elements; Tactical interventions, and Street re-definition

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