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TAKE action; CREATE controversy; INFLUENCE movement  

Cities are comprised of vital places, where evolving values, social identities and power relationships are manifested in the intertwined physical and mental realties of peoples’ lives, urban space, buildings, infrastructure, and landscape.

In vibrant cities, our daily lives are filled with events, exchanges, gatherings, discovery, rituals, and endless chance encounters. They constitute the lifeblood of growth and continuous development of our enduring public realm – our community, socio-cultural institutions, businesses, homes, and ultimately each one of us. Today, speed, movement, flux, connectivity, virtuality also characterize our urban lives, and continue to transform our cities and us in totally new and innovative ways.

Aligning human and natural systems with social activism - grass roots, weaving the existing fabric with the new
sturctures, the existing community activism with the newcomers, and enhancing the neighborhoods.

Proposed buildings and Amazon’s new employees  will become part of the existing urban community and fabric.


  • Grass Roots

  • Neighborhoods/ Community involvement/ Resilient/ Adaptable

  • Open spaces/ Natural equality


  • Buildings – separated into office/ retail and residential/ retail

  • Infrastructure – creation of green streets, pedestrian and bike friendly network, as well as, bike paths/ trails to discover the city

  • Landscape - patchwork quality



Phase I

Phase III

Park Plan

Aurora Corridor Plan

Farmer's market view

Phase II

Phase IV

Park View

Aurora Corridor View

Utilizing the existing alleys for mobility

South Lake Union proposed section

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