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Pull me/ Push you house

A non-academic project designed and built for an exhibition on small structures (200 USF or less); this design of a home office or studio makes the most of space by being able to push and pull certain elements through the walls of its structure. The desk/ table, drawers, side table/ dog door all move creating different usage opportunities.

In addition, the roof line appears to be pushed and pulled from different sides, creating the most shade allowing for comfortable use of the deck. The deck and the garden give the structure a sculpture-like appearance.

Gross Square Footage (GSF) 465
Usable Square Footage (USF) 128
Cost $6,500

BAR Design Team
Starin Butler - Preliminary design/ Design Development/ CD’s/
                           Construction admin.
Traci Arellano - Cost estimates/ Construction admin.
Alba Rodriguez - Design development / CD’s/ Graphic design/ Renders/
                                 Construction admin.

Construction Process

Design Development

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